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Program Coordinating Committee (PCC)

PCC’s are established to assist ARHA in securing commitments of public and private resources for the operation of the FSS program, including but not limited to removing barriers that impede self-sufficiency. 

Membership on the PCC may include representatives of the local government, community and business leaders within the City of Alexandria.  Agencies that are responsible for carrying out workforce development training programs, personal and professional growth development programs, organizations such as State, local or tribal welfare and employment agencies, public and private education or training institutions, child care providers, nonprofit service providers, private business, and any other public and private service providers with resources to assist the FSS program–are well suited for ARHA PCC team.

We have recently partnered with the One Million Moms OFF Welfare (1MMOW) national initiative and are engineering a strategic plan fueled with innovation and first hand insight to educate and empower 200 assisted families to achieve self-sufficiency over the next decade. 

The PCC partners work within very specific and focused subcommittee to help assist the ARHA FSS team with:

  • Education and Training
  • Employment and Contracting
  • Homeownership
  • ROI: Rewards, Opportunities and Incentives
  • Advocacy

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Download the PCC Committee Overview for details here

For More information contact:

Dorothy Mwawasi, FSS Coordinator

703.549.7115 Ext. 135


Racquel Williams-Jones, FSS Coordinator (Homeownership)

1MMOW Liaison

703.549.7115 Ext. 136