About Us

logo.png(ARHA or the “Authority”) is a public agency established under the Housing Authority Law, Chapter 1, Title 36 of the Code of Virginia of 1938. It’s primary mission is to provide sanitary and safe dwelling accommodations to persons of low income at rents they can afford. Low income is defined by federal, state and local regulations for programs administered by ARHA.

This primary mission requires the coordinated efforts of ARHA staff under the direction of the Executive Director and Board of Commissioners to use the Authority’s resources in a manner that promotes economy of operation and efficiency in the discharge of its public function.

In support of its primary mission, stable, satisfactory and consistent performance of all job duties is expected for the benefit of those persons whom the Authority serves, by all employees and vendors.

In the furtherance of its primary mission, ARHA promotes personal and economic self-sufficiency for its program participants including the implementation of programs which will enhance the quality of residents’ lives, promote personal and economic self- sufficiency, and provide new resources to meet local housing and social service needs of program participants.

These types of programs enhance the participant’s quality of life and are consistent with the receipt of housing subsidy as a transitional stage in the economic life of a participant household.In fulfilling its primary mission, the Authority performs a number of functions. These functions include but are not solely limited to:

  • Processing of Applications for Housing or Rental Subsidy in accordance with pertinent program regulations;
  • Management of the Waiting List and assignment of applicants to units through an established rent-up process;
  • Maintenance of all elements of the physical facilities of the Authority including all public and assisted housing stock in a manner consistent with State Code and HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS);
  • Enforcement of all rental agreements to assure the timely collection of rent and the removal from the programs of participants whose behavior is contrary to local law or represents an unwillingness to respect the rights of other community members;
  • Conducting annual reviews of household income and physical conditions of units to assure that all program regulations regarding continued occupancy and verification of income are complete and accurate in accordance with regulations;
  • Purchasing services, materials and supplies in a manner consistent with federal and local laws and regulations and which provides the best value to the Authority without conflict of interest;
  • Conducting an annual review of physical facilities to determine how modernization activities are to be prioritized and to seek additional modernization funding from any appropriate source to address all identified physical needs;
  • Implementation and maintenance of accounting and record-keeping systems that facilitate financial audit and required budget monitoring activities;
  • Promoting and administering bond financing opportunities which will expand the availability of affordable rental and home- ownership opportunities within the service area of the agency and establishment of appropriate financial and internal controls to assure the soundness of each bond rating;
  • Conducting a leased housing program that promotes the availability of housing opportunities in the general community for households of low income;
  • Working with landlords and program participants to assure that Leased Housing Program requirements are met by all parties.