ARHA Resident Association

In October 2010, residents of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) began meeting to discuss forming an active ARHA Residents Association (ARA) that would provide input to the agency on the needs of residents and to determine how residents can become engaged in their community.  This process was introduced as part of ARHA’s development of a long term Strategic Plan.  The goal is to have residents, know their neighbors; become of aware of available community resources; actively participate in social service activities in their developments; and ultimately to create a city-wide formal organization run by residents.  ARHA’s CEO and Board of Commissioners have committed and will continue to provide staff technical assistance, advice and financial support to the ARA.

In the past thirteen months residents from various ARHA Developments have held monthly meetings since November 2010, participated in regular workshops regarding the Strategic Plan, participated in resident surveys; volunteered at ARHA activities and hosted several communitiy events to engage other residents and to promote outreach for growing the organization. Accordingly the following actions have occurred since inception of the organization as it moves forward.

  • Selected Officers for an initial 13 month period who will serve until a more Formal Election is held in February 2012.  During FY 2011 current participating residents continued to recruit additional families and grow the numbers so that the organization will continue to thrive in the future.  During this period ARHA  provided funding and training to residents for assisting in running the organization.
  • Recommended Criteria For Selection of Officers:

Attendance, Commitment, Leadership, and Flexibility

In addition to officers it is also recommended that committees be formed for further outreach and activities:

  • Officers included President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Committees within Resident Organization:

Welcome/Membership Committee

Events/Activities Committee

Outreach/Advocacy Committee

ARHA Resident Association contact https:\\\owa

Telephone Number: (703) 684-1707