ARHA Summer Youth Initiatives Awards Ceremony 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended today’s award ceremony on behalf of our Summer Youth Initiative’s “Beautification Team.”  I am so thankful to experience the support from my coworkers. 

It was a pleasure for us and for our ears to hear such dynamic speeches such as: What Being a Summer Intern Means” – Rose Boyd, “The Future Is Now” – Todd Stubblefield, “Who are you?”Roy Priest. The points which were covered by the three presenters were so interesting that it opened many eyes as well as minds. It was extremely informative, and the participation illustrated the importance of the Summer Youth Program for each individual. I am certain many will incorporate today’s messages in their daily lives.

I truly appreciate today’s presenters for a commendable job of communicating with our youth.

Once again, thanks to all for making today’s award ceremony a success.

Ian Hawkins 

summer youth 3.jpg