Asset Management FAQ



ARHA owns and manages 839 affordable housing units and 238 Section 8 and market rate units at 27 sites within the compass of the City of Alexandria. In order to manage the logistics related to the maintenance and operations of these sites, residents, staff, emergency callers and the general public, have access to our 24/7 answering system, which during business hours is answered by our staff and after business hours is answered by an operator.  All calls related to emergency and maintenance are issued a work order number, ensuring that the call is logged into the electronic data base and forwarded to the proper department and staff handling the issuance and scheduling of the work orders.


Emergency work orders take priority over the routine work orders. Operators will ask the caller to describe the nature of the request to determine the priority level and then make the work order assignment accordingly. Routine work orders are responded in chronological order. Preventive maintenance work orders are scheduled for the off season periods when historically the numbers of maintenance calls are at the lowest level or the work order is related to periodical or seasonal changes (winter, summer, etc.).

What is the telephone number for emergencies and maintenance?

There is only one number for maintenance and emergency calls, 24/7:

(703) 823-ARHA (2742)

What is considered an emergency?

What is the response time for emergency calls?

What is the response time for routine work orders?

Are there charges to ARHA residents for maintenance and emergency calls?