Benefit Coverage

Regular full time and part-time employees are eligible for the benefits described in this section unless otherwise indicated.

Workers Compensation

All employees are covered without cost for extended work-related disabilities through the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage Program. This program protects a significant portion of an employee’s income while the eligible employee is unable to work.

Temporary employees are not entitled to leave benefits as their tenure should not usually exceed twelve weeks, but they are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Regular part time employees (twenty hours or more per week) are entitled to leave benefits consistent with the percentage of their regular work week. Occasional employees who work less than twenty  (20) hours per week for periods greater than (twelve weeks per year are not entitled to leave benefits but are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Retirement Plan

Employees of the Authority are covered by the Virginia State Retirement System through the Authority Deductions are made each payroll period and accredited to the employee’s retirement account which is accounted for annually by the Virginia Retirement System.

The terms and contents of the plan are complex with many exceptions and special rules. Employees are encouraged to become familiar with the plan through a booklet provided by the Retirement Board and available by request from the Personnel Administrator.

Health Insurance and Hospitalization

Regular employees who work a schedule of twenty or more hours a week and choose to be covered by the Authority’s Health Insurance Program, will be covered under the provisions of one of the medical care options offered by the Authority. This option is available after thirty (30) days of employment. The plan is for active and retired regular employees and their dependents.

Life Insurance Plans

Employees wishing to do so may access Term Insurance as provided by the Virginia State retirement system through the authority. A booklet, which explains the policies and their terms and conditions, is available to all full-time employees.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is a federal law providing you an opportunity to continue your group health plan benefits in case of certain qualifying events such as nonpayment of payroll deductions, reduction of yours below the minimum required or most terminations of employment, provided that certain costs are paid of ARHA by you. Further information regarding COBRA may be obtained on request the Personnel Administrator.

Credit Union

Employees may participate in the City of Alexandria Employees Credit Union (CAECU).