Board of Commissioners

ARHA was established on June 27, 1939 by City Ordinance and Mayoral appointment of a five member Board of Commissioners, in accordance with Virginia enabling legislation. The first low-rent housing units were occupied in 1941. The primary purposes of the Authority as stated in its By-Laws documents shall be to maintain, preserve and provide safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing for low income and low moderate income families, through the reorganizing, alteration, reconstruction and/or redevelopment of areas in which unsanitary and unsafe conditions exist, and all other purposes as are now or may hereafter be set forth in the Housing Authority Law, Chapter 1, Title 36 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended and herein after referred to as "the Act". In later years the board was expanded by the City Council to include nine members with at least one member being a resident of ARHA's developments.

Members: 9

1 Representative from the Alexandria Resident Council (The ARC representative must be a resident of public or publicly assisted housing)

1 Representative from the Alexandria Landlord-Tenant Relations Board

7 Citizen Members

Appt. 3/27/2013 – 1/8/2017

Vice Chairman
Appt. 6/24/2014 – 6/24/2018

Appt. 3/8/2016 – 2/13/2017

Appt. 4/13/2010 - 4/8/2018

Merrick T. Malone, a developer, transactional attorney and Administrator is a Principal and Executive Vice President of Metropolis Development Company LLC. a Washington DC based real estate development firm, which develops urban mixed use residential and retail projects. Metropolis has completed 325 uniquely designed Condominium units with 41,150 square feet of retail representing a total of 250,000 square feet and $500M in development projects including the award winning Lofts 14 I and II, Langston Lofts and Cooper Lewis Condominiums. Malone is also a Principal in Harrison and Malone LLC. A minority owned development firm which is co-developer of the Skyland Shopping Center in Washington DC. He recently founded a consulting firm under Malone LLC.

Malone has in excess of twenty eight years of demonstrated urban real estate and economic development experience both as a private developer/consultant and cabinet level public official in Washington DC and Detroit Michigan serving as the Chief Economic Development and Housing Officer in the Administrations of Mayors Marion Barry, Sharon Pratt Kelly and Coleman Young. Malone has vast public/private experience in urban development ranging from downtown development to neighborhood development. Malone has served as consultant to governments, private companies, community development corporations and, Hope VI Developers in New Orleans, Cleveland, Louisville, Gary and Cleveland.

From 1992 through 1996 Malone simultaneously served as the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and the Director of Housing and Community Development for the District of Columbia. His leadership was instrumental in the successful negotiation and completion of the downtown sports arena now known as the Verizon Center. He also assisted with the development of the $30 million Black Entertainment Television (BET) Corporate Offices and Studio.

After leaving the District Government in 1996 Malone became president of Urban City Foods, a minority owned restaurant Development Company focusing on retail development and providing employment opportunities in underserved neighborhoods.

Malone is currently President of the District of Columbia Building Industry Association. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Historical Society of Washington. He has served on the Advisory Board of the Martin Luther King Center Community Empowerment Initiative in Atlanta. He is co-author of several Urban Land Institute Publications.

Appt. 10/09/2001 - 10/8/2017

Carter Flemming is a native Alexandrian. She is a graduate of Tulane University. She has been involved in volunteering and community service for most of her life.

Carter has served on numerous local boards including Healthy Families Alexandria, the Seminary Hill Association, Alexandria United Way, Senior Services of Alexandria, and the Alexandria Child Welfare Partnership. She has served as board chair for The Campagna Center and the Alexandria Red Cross.

She is currently serving as the President of the Newcomb College of Tulane University Alumnae Association Board. She has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for abused and neglected children since 1997. She is currently serving on the Alexandria Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and the Alexandria Housing Master Plan Advisory Group. She has a special interest in housing for the elderly and works closely with the Resident Advisory Board at Ladrey High Rise.

Appt. 1/11/2011 – 2/10/2019

Chyrell Bucksell is a medical administrator for a Washington DC dermatology firm. She is responsible for overall office management, billing and coding. With several years of training in medical billing and coding Ms. Bucksell has worked in this field for many years.

Prior to joining the ARHA board Ms. Bucksell has served the community through volunteer work and service at Carpenters Shelter assisting the homeless . Ms. Bucksell also advocates for women and parents through organizations like the Parent Leadership Training Institute and the Boys and Girls Club of Alexandria. She currently serves on the City of Alexandria Housing Master Plan Advisory group.

Ms. Bucksell is a longtime resident of Alexandria.

Appt. 10/11/2011 – 10/13/2019

Karl Sandberg currently works as a financial consultant to the private sector. Throughout many years of his career he has worked in the property casualty and healthcare industry. Professionally his background has als included handling real estate matters ranging from marketing to finance and insurance. Most of his experience has related to risk management. Past brand name employers include, First Chicago (acquired by JP Morgan Chase) then the 7th largest money center bank in the US where he worked for three and a half years and CNA Financial the 9th largest property casualty and healthcare insurer in the US where he served for 12 years.

Academically Mr. Sandberg earned an MBA degree from Duke University’s Global Executive Program. Having acquired an interest in helping the less fortunate he has served the Alexandria community by volunteering monthly at the Carpenter’s shelter for nine years and have served Alexandria citizens in several other volunteer capacities. Karl Sandberg has been a resident of Alexandria for 11 years is married and has a young son.

Appt. 3/23/2010 - 10/8/2017

As the founder and co-president of McWilliams|Ballard, Chris began his career in new home sales and marketing over 20 years ago working for local developers such as Hazel/Peterson and Charles E. Smith.  In 1996, Chris partnered with Ross McWilliams to form McWilliams|Ballard, now the market leader for new home sales and marketing on the East Coast.  Chris holds a BA in Economics from George Mason University, and an MS in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins University.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, McWilliams|Ballard is a sales and marketing firm specializing in the sales and marketing of condominiums and townhomes. With clients nationwide, McWilliams|Ballard is focused on creating partnerships with developers and builders to provide sales and marketing solutions from project inception to the final closed sale.

In addition to start-to-finish sales and marketing, the firm provides consultation and market research used by some of the largest development and investment firms in the country. Founded in 1996, the firm’s expertise now spans more than ten states nationwide including Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida and the District of Columbia. As one of the most successful project development real estate and marketing firms in the country,

McWilliams|Ballard has sold and settled over 21,000 new homes, worth more than $8.5 billion.

Appt. 3/23/2010 - 10/8/2017