Emergency Services

ARHA provides 24/7 emergency response to emergencies as defined in the ARHA’s Maintenance Manual and HUD guidelines. The ARHA Personnel Manual policy provides additional rules and guidelines for the on-call duties related to emergency calls and our  qualified Maintenance Technicians are available and on-call 24 hours a day during weekends, holidays and other times when the offices are closed.

The following protocol defines some of the protocols for emergency calls:

  1. The on-call person will carry the emergency Nextel cellular phone with radio access to communicate with the designated 24-hours emergency operator (Hello, Inc.) under the following guidelines and/or directives:
  2. All calls received from the emergency operator (currently contracted with Hello, Inc.) will be answered within five (5) but no more than fifteen (15) minutes of receiving the call.
  3. If call is not answered, operator will automatically forward call to the Facilities Coordinator and/or  the Director of Facilities respectively.
  4. If several calls are received, the on-call person will  prioritize the calls to determine the response to the most urgent first, always taking in consideration that Life, Health or Safety issues take precedent over other emergencies.
  5. After the work is complete, a manual work order will  be created and turned in the next business day for processing the data into the  resident’s ledger for any applicable charges. Other protocol requirements applicable to work orders applies to all emergency work orders, without exception.
  6.  Major emergencies must be notified to the Facilities Coordinator and/or the Director of Facilities as soon as possible, including Fire, Casualty, personal injuries, major property damage or if emergency services require supervisory assistance. During major emergencies, follow Risk Control Manual Procedures as directed under the Risk Control Manual.