Facilities and Modernization

The Department of Facilities and Modernization is responsible for the Central Facilities functions and the Authority’s Modernization Program. All central facilities activities, including specialized trades such as Electrical, Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC), as well as technical support to the Property Managers overseeing the operations and management of the Asset Management Projects (AMP’s) are provided by the central facilities department as a fee for service.

In addition, this department oversees the management of the authority’s Fleet which includes approximately twenty eight trucks and vehicles used by maintenance, modernization and administrative staff.

The department is also responsible for the implementation and oversight of all the Modernization activities of the agency related to the Capital Fund Program (CFP) and theAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  A range of other technical and professional services are provided within the organization to implement and support energy conservation programs, green building initiatives, redevelopment activities, construction management and other capital improvement activities.

In the planning process, some of these services will be provided through ARHA Construction Enterprise (ACE), a Limited Liability Partnership fully owned by ARHA. Please see relatedlink.


The Mission of this department is to improve on the services provided to our residents and their families to ensure the enjoyment of their homes in a safe and healthy environment, while building bridges between our neighbors and ARHA for a sustainable community that creates long term relationships.


The Goals of this department are:

  • Provide our full support to all ARHA Department to accomplish our common goal of being a High Performer agency.
  • Provide our full support to our clients to ensure that we exceed HUD’s Mission and Vision to improve our residents lives by creating affordable housing, maintaining it in good condition.
  • Provide our full support for sustainable, ecological friendly, energy efficient living and working environments, and
  • Providing our full support for safer neighborhoods within our communities, for the enjoyment of all