Fees For Service

Following the Agency's reorganization in 2008-2009, and the subsequent transition into the Asset Management model, the facilities department was decentralized and staff was reassigned to individual Asset Management Projects (AMPS).

From the reorganization emerged a new Central Facilities department, which was created to address the need of highly technical services such as HVAC, Electrical, IT/ Communications and other specialized trades.

Central Facilities provides "contractor's grade" services to the Authority's AMP's for a pre-set fee for service, which is competitive with its equivalent in the private sector and using qualified, certified technicians. It also provides In-house skill training for other maintenance personnel

One advantage to the benefit of the Authority is being able to provide faster and more reliable services, with an "in-house" warranty and the convenience, confidence and trust that our staff provides to our residents for home service calls made while they are away or working.

The following is a list of the most common services provided by the department:

  • New installation and replacement of heating and cooling systems.
  • Emergency heating or cooling repairs, including commercial boilers.
  • Commercial pressure vessels (water heaters, pumps, etc.)
  • Major electrical work, including power outages.
  • IT /Communications interface and infrastructure.
  • Security & Fire Systems, CCTV, Fire Alarm Panels, Secured Access.
  • Services are available to local government entities.
  • Emergency response 24/7 as needed.