FSS Success Stories

Meet Melissa!

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Melissa was receiving welfare assistance and unemployed in 2010 when she started the FSS Program. Today, Melissa is employed full-time as a pre-school teacher and has been so for the past 3 years. Melissa started in ARHA’s FSS Education track and is currently enrolled at Northern VA Community College where she is working on completing her Associates’ degree in Early Childhood Education.  Melissa is set to graduate March, 2017.

Melissa, has reduced her dependency on government subsidies with evidence of no longer receiving food stamps since October 2015. Melissa is consistent with monitoring her budget and has successfully maintained a surplus every month.  Melissa has engaged with our credit repair partners and currently has a beacon score of 720.  After 5 years in the FSS program, Melissa is graduating with an escrow check (savings) of more than $10,000.  Melissa will proceed to ARHA’s homeownership program, where she will pursue the goal of becoming a first-time home buyer.


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