Home Ownership

medium_HOMEOWNERSHIP.jpgHere at ARHA, we are serious about your COME-UP!  The Question is…ARE YOU?


Did you know you can use your Section 8 Voucher to Purchase a home?

In October, 2000 HUD rules changed, allowing housing authorities to assist Section 8 participants to become homeowners. Under ARHA’s Homeownership program, we not only assist you with the acquisition of your new home, we support you with the resources to maintain and sustain your new home.   

Under ARHA’s  homeownership program, families that qualify will be given the opportunity to use their Section 8 rental assistance voucher towards homeownership.

You DO NOT have to be enrolled in ARHA’s FSS Program to qualify for the homeownership program.*

To Get Started, You Must First Meet the Following Requirements:

  • Be a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program Participant
  • Have a Credit Score of at least 620
  • Have at least $2,000 Saved in the bank
  • Make at least $14,500 per year (non-disabled) Disabled residents require a different amount
  • Attend a First Time Home Buyers Class (See class registration link here)


If you have completed all of the above requirements, simply complete our on-line homeownership application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ARHAHOMEOWNERSHIPAPPLICATION


*Please note, satisfying all of the above requirements does not automatically make you eligible to purchase a home. 

Sounds Interesting?  Think you have what it takes to make this happen?  Keep in mind, this will not be easy, however you and your family are worth the time and investment! 

Get Your COME-UP plan started today with ARHA-FSS!  Contact us fss@arha.us