Mission and Vision Statement


For over 70 years, the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority has provided adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunities and a suitable living environment free from discrimination for the citizens of Alexandria. Our mission for the next five years is to be an industry leader in the development and management of model mixed income communities that provide the opportunity for residents to achieve self-sufficiency and to participate in economic opportunities that are made possible through this model.


ARHA is in the process of developing a Strategic Plan (SP) that will address the needs of the agency for the next five years. The SP will contain the following components: one year operational plan; five year strategic plan; ten year long range plan; progress tracking tool; strategic facility analysis; redevelopment analysis; and a financial model. The SP will be developed through an input and consensus process that will involve the community, stakeholders and residents. It will also be integrated with existing plans: City's Housing Master Plan; City's SP; HUD SP and the applicable small area plans that have been or will be adopted by the City, especially regarding the provision of low and moderate income housing and economic benefits to our residents. This process could also modify our current mission statement to reflect the community-wide comments received during the SP planning phase.